​Project Healing Waters is available in the Akron area.

Volunteers hold clinics for wounded/injured military personnel and disabled veterans ranging from beginners to those with prior fly fishing and fly tying experiences. Many learn to adapt their fishing skills to their new abilities and disabilities.

For many participants, particularly disabled veterans, the socialization and camaraderie of the gathings are just as important as the fishing outings. And, fly fishing provides many veterans with a new lifelong recreational activity. Other therapeutic benefits include improved motor skills, eye-hand coordination and confidence building.

Fly fishing is a lifetime adventure with often-immeasurable rewards. The men and women who participate in Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing activities take away more, more than just a fishing experience.

Volunteering is a way you can give back to those who served our country. Please consider reaching out and helping our cause, we all make a huge difference and positive outcomes for these  individuals.

Mike Paris
Program Lead